Thursday, February 8, 2007


Here comes the Sun: shalbum 1.10 released!

Just released shalbum version 1.10, now officially supporting SunOS. Tests were performed on SunOS version 10 for x86 with appropriate packages installed. ChangeLog follows.

version 1.10 (8-Feb-2007)
  Bug Fixes:
  * Fixed heaps of bugs in order to make shalbum to run smoothly under SunOS. In chronological order:
   - '-e' replaced by '-f' and '-d' on 'if' conditions
   - replaced "$((...))" by 'expr' calls
   - not printing time info if uname is 'SunOS'
   - 'echo -n' calls replaced by 'printf' or simply 'echo'
   - 'grep -E' calls replaced by 'egrep'
   - 'which' calls updated to parse SunOS's error message
   - 'printf_info' wrapper function removed
   - 'html_compliant_filename' function renamed to 'html_compliant'
   - 'cd -' calls replaced by 'cd ${...}'


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