Sunday, December 28, 2008


shalbum 1.18: the best shalbum so far

shalbum 1.18 features *heaps* of improvements regarding the HTML code generated!

Here's the complete ChangeLog for this release:

version 1.18 (28-Dec-2008): the best so far

    * Major improvements on CSS and HTML code: output HTML not only is
      well indented and better commented but also the page display is
      is about the same in every web browser.

    * New 'shalbum-white.css' sample Cascading Style Sheet file
      included along with the default 'shalbum-black.css'. It has
      never been easier to customize the layout of your albums.

    * Slideshow mode now scrolls to the picture to optimize usage of
      screen space.

    * Image 'alt' property and page title are now the picture subtitle
      instead of picture name (when available).

    * Other minor code improvements. is the official home of shalbum.

wow ! what a blog
wow ! what a blog
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